The Colours Group

The Colours Group of Canada was formed in 2008 by Canadian Photographer Michael Hockney and a mandate was laid out for an artist collective dedicated to fine art and provocative imagery.

Mission Statement

Central to The Colours Group is the desire to fulfil a unique vision whereby a team of talented artists and experts aim to show the World in a new light by specifically targetting regions that often receive a disroportionate amount of negative publicity or no coverage at all.

Our aim is to provide a visual platform that gives positive balance to negative imagery by showing a different reality, one that is contrary to what is normally shown. With balance comes understanding and stereotypical perceptions become redundant in a modern framework of understanding

We are apolitical and as such have no interest in fronting ideology. We are artists and visual professionals dedicated to the Colours Group mission.

Membership of the Colours Group of Canada is split into Fellows and Members based on an individual's professional portfolio, academic achievement, publications, promotion of humanitarian and cultural projects as well as irrefutable artistic distinction. All or some of these criteria can play a role in the selection. We select very carefully and make a limited number of invitations over the course of a year.

The Colours Group 2015

Michael Hockney


Founder and Director of The Colours Group

Michael has a distinguished career that has spanned three decades. The photographer has exhibited internationally in over 50 public institution venues around the World and is best known for his 617 format panoramic photography and social documentary. He has lectured on photography at The National Library of Scotland and has represented major corporations and governments through his work including Occidental Oil, Bank of Scotland, Shell and The Governments of Nova Scotia and Taiwan.


A steadfast proponent of Russia and an expert in modern Russia, Michael co-produced Colours of Russia in 2009. The first in a series of Colours Group documentaries, it has become an internet benchmark. Michael is an official contributor on ther influential Kremlin website "Modern Russia." and regularly writes on the subject. A recent piece "The media's view of Russia is 20 years out-of-date" occupied a full page of The Vancouver Sun and he was interviewd by Voice of Russia in July 2011 for his insight on foreign perceptions of the country and its culture.

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Vito Fusco and Antonio Casoli


In August 2014 a chance meeting in Positano Italy led to two new fellow members of The Colours Group of Canada

Vito Fusco and and Antonio Casoli of the The Studio of Vito Fusco are talented photographers who share the ideals of The Colours Group and have a quintessential "European" perspective. Michael Hockney was holidaying in Italy and he saw a stunning image, "Vito's portraiture is absolutely world class and when I saw his picture of the Italian patriot, I wanted him to join the group. The studio is also experimenting with time lapse in a way that will forward many Colours Group projects. The fresh ideas that eminate from these new fellow members will make profound creative statements for The Colours Group."

Vito Fusco

Antonio Casola


Dr. Azzuz


Co-Director of Colours of Libya

Dr. Intisar Senousi Azzuz

Dr. Azzuz is a renowned academic and humanitarian. Born in Libya she is an expert in Libyan and Islamic architecture and has participated in many international conferences and is the author of numerous papers on the subject. Notably she was commissioned by the Agha Khan Award for Architecture (Geneva, Switzerland) and has lectured under invitation to The Massachuesetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Dr. Azzuz is also known for her important work with humanitarian groups and for forwarding the rights of women as  Co-founder and a Board Member of  MEWERC ( Middle Eastern  Women Empowerment Center) , an organization for women with Middle Eastern background. Dr Azzus has also been honoured by The Tibra Foundation for her inspiring academic and humanitarian work and in defence of Muslims, women and human rights.

Colours of Libya launched in October 2011 and Dr. Azzuz assumes the co-directorship of the project as well as being chief advisor and cultural liaison.

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Stephen Housser


Presenter for The Colours Group projects

An award winning Canadian journalist, Steve Housser joins the Colours Group with an illustrious lineage of television news production and presentation. Steve was Bureau Chief at CBC Victoria and was a reporter on CBC Newsworld and The National covering pivotal stories such as the Mohawk stand-off at Oka. Steve was one of the first Westerners to interview Chen sui-Bian before his election as President of Taiwan and the first Canadian to report from the militarized island of Kinmen.

Now an independent journalist Steve produces video which he distributes to Canadian TV networks based on a variety of topics including "Countries and Their Cultures".

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Ryan Wyllie



Ryan joins The Colours Group as stills camera assistant to Michael Hockney and Chief Videographer.

Ryan Wyllie has worked on numerous independent films and has also served as co-producer for a series of educational videos for the Capitol Regional District.  His latest project was self produced and highlighted the importance of preserving the Great Bear Rainforest."

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Timothy Nunn


Photographer and Writer

Tim joins The Colours Group as a contributing photographer and writer

Timothy has had several careers throughout his life that have taken him quite literally across the country and half way around the world. It was on one of his early forays as a young soldier serving overseas with the United Nations that Timothy acquired his zest for adventure and an appreciation of different cultures and landscapes.

The photographer's extensive experience in Latin America augments the Group's abilities to show modern Latin America to the World. Timothy will be creating a number of Colours Group foundation studies over the course of 2013, including Ecuador and Honduras.

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on location in Russia 2007