Becoming a patron is the best way to help us reach our goals. Your philanthropic desires are channelled to an effective artistic endevour designed to educate and promote cross-cultural understanding around the globe.

Mission Statement
The Colours Group of Canada addresses the need to eliminate the out-dated and often negative cultural stereotypes perpetrated by global media. The Colours Group challenges these misrepresentations through independent artistic vision. We believe Canadians and the World community deserve realistic and representative imagery free of exclusionary editorial policies, politics and hidden agendas.This philosophy we adopt for all countries in order to provide a visual platform to encourage balance, perspective and understanding. This is the Canadian way.


Documentary Projects
We are currently concentrating on a number of overseas photo-documentaries designed to highlight each culture in a positive way and debunk common misperceptions and stereotypes.

  • Russia

  • Argentina

  • Ecuador

  • Chile

  • Libya

  • Cuba

  • Colombia

  • Ethiopia

  • Latvia

  • Hoduras

  • Nicaragua